Project Work & Mentoring

Are you…
Too busy to tackle a key people project?
Do you …
Need someone to guide you through a people management challenge?

We identify practical, beneficial & cost efficient ways of engaging your team through our project work and mentoring services.  Whether you would like some help in identifying opportunities that could maximise the engagement of your team, or have a very specific project in mind, we can provide a guiding and supportive hand for projects including :-




We know that organisations that engage their workforce perform better.  By supporting your people-related project work or individual mentoring needs, we can help you to significantly enhance your level of employee engagement.

Watch this video by ‘Engage for Success’ if you’re not convinced ..

Employee Engagement Video

Our Approach to Project Work …

We offer a practical no-nonsense service for organisations who know they need some support with their people management activities.

Whether you want us to be part of your project team or provide a complete solution, we will deliver professional and valuable input.

We have supported organisations in a variety of ways including conducting training needs analysis, designing performance management systems & supporting programmes of cultural change.

Our approach involves :-

Looking             at what exists currently

Listening           to what your team & your business need

Learning            about what works for your team

Developing        a solution that works for your business

What you can expect are practical solutions that cut through the pink and fluffy and focus your actions on the things that will make a real difference to your results.

Our Approach to Mentoring …

Mentoring support is the solution we recommend for clients who just need some support with their thinking to reach the best decision about how best to develop their people.

It can also be a form of personal development and is particularly valuable for business owners.

We support individuals through mentoring in the areas of leadership, time management, presentation skills, change management and performance management.

Our approach involves :-

Planning          understanding your objectives

Listening         to challenges & exploring options

Focusing         discussing options & agreeing actions

Supporting      you as you implement your ideas

Mentoring sessions are approximately 2 hours in length, conducted face to face and where appropriate, are supported by eg. further reading, team profiling, management models and workshops.