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Some Examples of How We Have Supported Our Clients

Our Approach to Training

Almost all of our programmes are bespoke, so our first step is always to understand what you want the training to achieve.  We will seek to understand your organisation’s culture and the specific challenges that your people face so that we can bring the training alive.

We will always use experiential learning as the basis of our delivery style, enabling delegates to practice and explore the topic in a meaningful way that will stay with them long after the training has taken place.

Programmes are normally delivered in house or at an external venue and, where appropriate, we undertake a pre-visit to your premises to meet delegates and ensure that the content reflects their real work challenges.  We also offer on-line delivery and apply the same principles of experiential learning ensuring that delegates interact and discuss throughout the session.

The topics below should provide you with an indication of our core delivery topics but your needs will be unique so please call us and we can talk to you about how we can help you to meet your development needs.

Leadership Development Programmes

Stepping into Management

Supporting the effective transition into a management role

Management Essentials

A programme to re-fresh, stimulate & inspire great management

The Leadership Journey

An ILM Accredited programme supporting managers to become leaders

The Leadership Challenge

A unique opportunity for leaders to test and fine-tune their leadership skills

Presenting with Impact

Helping you to communicate your ideas effectively

Managing your Time Effectively

Helping you to maximise your use of this valuable resource

Team & Relationship Building Programmes

Fast Tracking New Teams

Supporting teams as they transition through forming and storming

Developing High Performance

Supporting teams when they are stuck or need challenged

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Developing an appreciation of how we impact on others

Advanced Communication Skills

Developing real listening and questioning skills to enhance relationships

Performance Discussion Workshops

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Helping you to develop your team effectively

Preparing for your Performance Review

Helping people to make the most of their review

Conducting a Performance Review

Supporting managers to have brilliant discussions

Coaching Conversations

Developing your people through just in time coaching

Managing Poor Performance

Tackling performance issues with confidence

Working With Change Workshops

The Emotional Journey of Change

Understanding how to prepare yourself and others effectively

Handling Unexpected Change

How to make change work for you when it is not your choice

Managing Change

How to support your team through change

Leading Change

Creating an effective strategy to implement change

Redundancy Support

Helping colleagues to move on positively following redundancy

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